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Intimacy with God Before Ministry

I’m excited to introduce to you Leading Ladies Networkers Website.  This website was designed for Senior Women Pastors, Women Co-Pastors, First Ladies and Minister's Wives as a catalyst for encouraging a deeper level of intimacy with God, as an empowerment tool to help you reach the potential you possessed inside and equip you to expand your capacity as Leading Ladies in ministry.

It is our purpose to encourage Senior Women Pastors, Women Co-Pastors, First Ladies and Minister's Wives to cultivate intimacy with God and reach their intended purpose in ministry.



Leading Ladies Networkers is a ministry that cultivates intimacy with God as the foundation for ministry. Our ministry was designed to sharpen and empower the potential possessed in God’s Leading Lady and encourage a deeper level of intimacy with God. Our role as leaders in ministry comes with enjoyment, preoccupied excitement and many distracting opportunities that could interfere with our time with God. That’s why we encourage Leading Ladies Networkers for women in ministry. It is the catalyst for encouraging God before ministry.

Ladies get ready to ignite your intimate moments with God and excel beyond your limits.

Pastor Sandra Burnett



This ministry methodology encourages leaders to cultivate intimacy with God as the foundation for ministry and a renewed passion for the things of God.


Training, network and resource ministry that provide spiritual empowering tools to help leaders reach their intended purpose in ministry.


Expand our mission and establish campuses worldwide, while impacting and inspiring leaders across the globe with the message of intimacy with God before ministry.

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