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Welcome to Our Store

Welcome to Sandra Burnett Ministries Online Store. Our online store offers spiritual sharpening tools for a growing relationship with God, personal apparel and other resources to meet your need. Thank you for your support.



Believe God Past What You See

Grow Your Faith in God

Power of Prayer

We will talk about so much more. But above are just a few intriguing topics that you will be blessed by. You will find that this book will open your heart and your mind to see and accept that the impossible with God is possible. We will discuss and apply God’s Word to real life situations and discover the bountiful impact. As you read this book, you are sure to be encouraged, discover a deeper passion for the Word of God, and feel a hunger stirred up inside of you to be fed by God’s wonderful Word. You will absolutely desire to continue along a path that will lead you closer and closer to the Almighty God.

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