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Sandra Burnett Biography

Pastor Sandra “Sandy” Burnett and her husband Larry Burnett are Founders of Grace Christian fellowship Church in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She has been faithfully Pastoring since 2000 and the Lord has blessed with a faithful following.


Pastor Sandy teaches God’s precious truth in a practical down to earth manner and currently oversees the women’s fellowship at Grace Christian Fellowship Church. Pastor Sandy is a teacher, author, conference speaker and God has truly given her a word for the body of Christ. Her uncompromising message is to bring God’s people to a deeper, closer intimate walk with the Heavenly Father. She loves God and the people of God and, Her prayer is that the body of Christ may grow in God unsearchable grace and in the Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Sandy is the founder and CEO of Sandra Burnett Ministries. She has conducted numerous women conferences, girls retreats and workshops in order to sharpen, develop and empower women and girls in the basic truths found in the word of God, while leading them to salvation and a closer walk with the Heavenly Father.

In addition, Pastor Sandy is the founder of Leading Ladies Networkers, a leadership-empowering and edifying ministry for Pastor’s wives and women in any capacity of ministry that enriches the potential possessed in God’s Leading Ladies through, prayer, training, fellowship, convocation and encourage intimacy with God before ministry.


 Practical Teacher, Conference Speaker & Leader


In 1989 Pastor Sandy and Pastor Larry married and they have three handsome sons. Joshua Burnett, Minister Jonathan Burnett and Jordan Burnett.


Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Honorary Bachelor of Arts from Grace Christian College, Loris, SC

Earned Doctor of Theology from Grace Theological Seminary, Loris, SC

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