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Building Confidence, Developing Leaders and Leaving Legacies

The purpose of Leading Ladies Legacy is to enhance the quality of life for girls ages 8 to 17.  We encourage spiritual growth, build self-esteem, and provide mentorship and support, while strengthening and nurturing girl’s inquisitive minds through education and life skill development.


There are other ways to connect with Leading Ladies Legacy Ministry. We have bi-weekly activities which include: spiritual development, leadership training, mentorship and more.  Become our Facebook fan or talk to us on Twitter. 


Stay connected and always expect a sharpened experience with Leading Ladies Legacy.  Thank you for joining us.     


Pastor Sandy Burnett


Our purpose, burden and focus are on girls ages 8 to 17. It is (LLL's) desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ with young ladies. Help them to improve their self-image, value their self-worth and recognize their purpose in life, this will ultimately assist in building confident Godly ladies who are capable of helping and directing others.


It is our goal to provide young ladies with an educational and enriching experience that will improve their involvement in society and expand their perspective while opening new possibilities for them.  Develop tomorrow’s leaders in ladies who exhibit leadership qualities to prepare them to teach other young ladies, therefore leaving rich legacies to model.


Leading Ladies Legacy is a Christian faith based ministry that upholds the bible. We believe that salvation is a gift freely given by grace to anyone who confesses their sins and believe on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


  • Bi-Weekly Activities

  • Leadership Training

  • Spiritual Development

  • Mentorship & Support Group

  • Building Self Esteem Tips

  • Educational Life Skills

  • Annual Retreat

  • Princess Leadership Conference

  • AHS Preventive Awareness Walk


  • Spiritual:

    • To share the love that Jesus Christ has for each young lady by praying and sharing the word of God with them.

    • Encourage them to establish, build and nurture a loving relationship with Jesus Christ

    • Providing conferences, workshops, weekly devotion, material and other avenues.

  • Mentoring:

    • Counseling for encouraging positive self-image & self-esteems, providing guidance and support to build confident ladies.

    • Loving them regardless of their response.

  • Integrity:

    • Ethics uncompromised that do not conform to negative character/behavior

  • Leadership:

    • Leadership training and development

    • Helping young ladies develop the skills, assets and attitudes to reach their full God-given potential.

  • Educational: Life skills, scholarship programs, college preparation, and community outreach.

    • Life Skills, scholarship programs, college preparation and community outreach


Become a monthly financial sponsor of LLL girls and impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, develop successful leaders and leave rich legacies.


Leading Ladies Legacy Monthly

Sponsorships Program:

  • God’s Little Princess     $25 monthly

  • Virtue Girls                 $50 monthly

  • Angels                       $75 monthly

  • Girls Highly Favored   $100 monthly


Donate to Leading Ladies Legacy

Sent you tax deductible contribution to:


Leading Ladies Legacy

P.O. Box 091338

Milwaukee WI 53209-9998

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